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It can be a challenge collecting and assimilating data from a geographically diverse portfolio of parking facilities.

Atlas 10 turns an anecdotal approach to lot repairs and maintenance into a logical, predictable, birds-eye view, where expenditures can be balanced for maximum efficiency in terms of required investment.


Atlas 10 provides trained experts to efficiently cover an entire portfolio of sites. Utilizing state of the art GPS technology, photography and a custom electronic data base, information is quickly and cost-effectively captured in order to facilitate a highly automated decision and execution process from analysis to budgeting, RFQ to contractor selection.


Educational institutions must allocate scarce resources with al-ternative uses in order to ensure the greatest value and out-come for their students’ populations.

Atlas 10 allows schools and universities to plan for needed investments in parking facilities over multiple budget cycles. The goal is to maximize the life-cycle of each asset with the minimum budget.


Atlas 10 provides a standard methodology, based on the Army Corp of Engineers rating system for lot defects; which can guide the home office, local managers and associations in making the best decisions about lot maintenance and reconstruction over time.

The Atlas 10 solution goes a long way in turning individual assumptions into a collective understanding of what s both necessary and prudent in managing this critical asset.

Atlas 10 Process

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