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pavement  maintenance, repair and reconstruction?

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Consider our four-step methodology to pavement management when evaluating the Atlas10 value proposition:


The Foundation of Pavement Management

Construct a proactive pavement management strategy based on awareness of pavement conditions.


Predictable Plan

Confidently submit budget requests and forecast short, medium, and long-term costs.


Change the Conversation with your Contractor.

Data-driven decision-making puts the power in your hands.


Trusted Quality Assurance and Project Implementation

Control the outcome of project construction implementation

Our Process

Atlas10 Pavement Performance Consulting utilizes GPS/Geodata mapping technology to collect and assess 100% of site defect conditions within asphalt and concrete pavement assets. Our GPS Pavement Management tool disrupts the traditional reactive "break/fix" model by providing clear and accurate identification of all site defects while providing a proactive scope of work/RFP treatment solution.

How much is it costing your enterprise to chase failed pavement vs. adopting a proactive performance management program?

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What Others Are Saying

You can ask 10 different contractors about the same asphalt job and you will get 8 or 9 different answers. With me having limited knowledge in asphalt maintenance this compounded the problems I would encounter when bidding a project. Atlas 10 has changed this outlook; we now have an in-depth analysis of a certain project for years to come. This takes the head-ache out of bidding a job; you have a scope in hand and each contractor is going off the same scope. They have made my job much easier. Thanks Atlas 10!

~ Brian Johnson

When I started in maintenance here at Maple Knoll Village, I was dealing with 4-5 different blacktop companies all telling me different things. If we had repairs or maintenance that was over $10,000 we would have to get at least 3 bids. It was frustrating because I don’t have a background in asphalt. Companies would tell me what to fix and the bids would be so different and I didn’t know why.

With Atlas 10 and the tools they provide, I am able to project what we are going to need to fix year after year. I am excited to go out to contractors to get a couple of bids because now I can tell them what I want to fix. Cut and Dry. Bid This. I think the bids that we will receive will be much closer in price not only saving us money but time as well.'

~ Sue Durham

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